January 18th, 2020

My client has a very large wall painting and wanted an accent piece to go under it. She wanted a modern look with minimal detailing.  I used quarter sawn walnut and walnut veneer. We both felt this really fit the space well! (painting installed later)

October 02nd, 2018

Made this Demi Lune table for a small space.  Wanted to try something curved so I used bent lamination technique. It features a solid cherry top and tapered cherry legs. It has mortise & tenon joinery leg to apron construction. It was fun to build and went to a good home.





January 04th, 2018

This is a Lambert style reclining chair & ottoman done with mortise & tenon construction in quarter sawn white oak. The upholstery is leather. It has three reclining positions. The classic reading chair perfect for a nap!

January 02nd, 2017

The Toledo library commissioned this case to display an antique model ship. To match the paneling in the room in the Children's section of the Main branch we chose walnut plywood and solid walnut. Because of it's large size this piece had to be constructed in sections and assembled on site. After the case was in place we had contractors install the tempered glass. 

December 19th, 2016

Here's a desk I made several years ago for a customer. It is designed to fit the Frank Lloyd Wright look  of this Prairie Style home.

The desk is made of cherry wood vaneers with a MDF cores. It was constructed in several pieces to facilitate installing it in a tight spot.

The vaneered surfaces are edged with solid cherry

December 05th, 2016

This is a rocking chair I made back in the '80s while I was a student at the Wendell Castle Workshop in Rochester, NY.. I designed it so that I could play my banjo while sitting on it so that is why it has no arms. I used the bent lamination technique to form all the curved parts. The back slats are cherry and the rockers are white oak. Originally it had a handmade rag rug seat. It has been reupholstered with leather. My son owns it now and it's held up very well!

October 20th, 2016

Here is a 60" hall table with a natrual edge that I just completed. The top is white oak. The base and legs are made of walnut. The idea of the shape came from a wheelwright's workbench in Williamsburg, Virginia.


December 27th, 2015

Here is the finished Wenge headboard. I started with a sheet of Wenge plywood. I routed grooves for some maple inlay.  I put 3/8th inch maple plugs at the intersections of the inlays. I banded the plywood with solid walnut. It has a hand rubbed finish and hangs on the wall with a French cleat.

March 15th, 2015

I have all inlay completed for the wenge headboard I am currently working on. To do the inlay I used  1/8th maple strips and 3/8 th inch maple plugs.  The inlay technique wasn't hard but it was time consuming. There were 72 pieces of string inlay and 72 maple plugs.  Still waiting for the walnut to trim the edges.


February 06th, 2015

Just received copies of the new bluegrass cd we've been working on the past few months. We are very pleased with the results. "Souvenirs" features Jim, Kevin & Donna Thompson and myself.  We are selling the CDs for$10 each. Please let me know if you would like one. 


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